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Monitoring the stability of existing structures for movement during the life cycle of a project is key to avoiding costly issues and keeping work on track. The Carto Group offer a complete range of both manual and automated monitoring solutions to keep you informed and raise potential issues as soon as they arise.

Our manual solutions are suited to projects of shorter duration or that are less complex in nature. For this type of scheme, we attach targets to key points on the subject structure. Our surveyors then observe the network of targets at predetermined intervals and report back to you on the status of the structure. As no permanently installed survey equipment is required for this type of solution it can be more cost effective. 
An automated solution is used where the range of sensors required, the size of the structure in question and project duration are all large. For this type of solution, instrumentation is permanently installed on site in key locations. These are controlled by an automatic system that governs the monitoring interval, combines and processes data from survey, geotechnical and meteorological sensors to present the results. A dedicated web portal can be enabled to ensure that all project stakeholders are kept up to date. Trigger values can also be established so text or email alerts are sent when movement exceeds an agreed value.


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