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The Carto Group are able to deliver a wide variety of geospatial survey services to our clients across the UK and overseas. All our surveys are delivered to the highest quality no matter the size or location of your project. We are actively pursuing our BIM Level 2 compliance to ensure we can help deliver the world’s most complex infrastructure projects reliably and cost effectively. We are also flying the flag for GeoBIM, where we can extend the life and value of 3D information through the deployment of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). 

We are happy to discuss different options to ensure that our solution provides you with the best value delivery output. Our flexible, innovative approach, experienced team and use of the latest technology from across the whole survey & geospatial industry ensures that we can deliver the data you need when you need it.

All the surveys we work on are different, but it all comes down to capturing location information using the most efficient methods and equipment to ensure accuracy and, furthermore, to meet your requirements, whether they are industry standards or to make sure the data works for your project

Our Approach

  • Enquiry (email, telephone or meeting)
  • Agree specification and outputs from Employers Information Requirements (documented)
  • Client Approval
  • Execution Plan & Risk Assessment
  • Client Approval
  • Undertake Site Work
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deliver agreed outputs
  • Close out meeting
  • Obtain client feedback

The outputs from the survey will feed directly into your project lifecycle at any stage, including feasibility study, design phase, proposed, as-built or progress monitoring.


Our geospatial survey clients include land and building developers, architects, construction companies, structural engineers, local authorities and land owners. Each type of client has their own problems to solve and issues to face. We will advise on how an accurate geospatial survey is a vital part of your project data to save time and resource so that it may be used throughout the duration of the project.


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